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For nearly 20 years, ECOVEGETAL has been the natural solution for green roofs, car parks and soil stabilisation, particularly for equestrian flooring.

Our mission is to grow new gardens on roofs, terraces and car parks, so that the city may breathe.

Our job is to assemble and grow plants on roofs, car parks and terraces, creating green spaces or stable soils. Through hard work, here at ECOVEGETAL, we have become a top choice company for plot-level water management for cities and professionals in just a few years.

Our head office is located in Broué, west of Paris, and we have 4 production sites with 80 hectares of cultivation. We start in the fields and sell our products in more than 7 countries.

Over the past 20 years, we have planted more than 7 million m2: 3 million m² of green roofs and 4 million m² of permeable car parks.

million m² planted

Contact us Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm at +33 (0)2 37 43 18 56 or by email

Delivery throughout France, Belgium and Luxembourg

4 production sites: Séraucourt (02), Broué (28), Poussignac (47) and Le Thor (84)

Design assistance, tested and patented solutions

The story of ECOVEGETAL

ECOVEGETAL is a French company created by its directors and founders :

  • landscape architect (Pierre GEORGEL)
  • Un farmer (Francis PELLETIER)
  • Une family of manufacturers


We first created the ECOGREEN slab for permeable car parks and the ECOSEDUM slab for green roofs. Then in 2000, we founded ECOVEGETAL and the greening adventure began !


ECOVEGETAL has 15 engineers and vegetation production, installation and maintenance teams to assist you with your greening projects. Our technical team invents, innovates and creates the systems of tomorrow. They also provide support throughout the process: marketing, design, sales, accounting.